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The black poet

She is black, strong, beautiful, art, intelligent, wise and spiritually sound. She is the black poet who inherited all positives from her ancestors. Ancestors who made terrible mistakes and brought us here… Yes we are grateful for the journey so far and we rejoice in the wars untold which made her stronger than the rocks, yes she survived and became a platform where many great men came from. She gave her life to learn the truth and the ancient secrets of our fathers, yes it made a whole lot of sense because everyone thought she lost it but was later given a better life back just because she was able to risk losing it for once. She was given the secrets to transform every metal into silver and gold, she could live as long as she wanted. Her faith had her and created possibilities only. She got the alchemy which made her sing songs of the ancient poets.
She was able to let go… existed in nothingness for so long we can’t tell, she survived yes she survived. The black poet survived the wars and the journey…

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Jesse Josh
Author Since: Apr 2020
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